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Step-Mom All Dressed Up & No One to Fuck

I was about to crash for the night when my Step-Mom Tia came in the room, she was wearing some lingerie and seemed really down. I could tell something was off with her, I ask her and she starts to go off about how much of a horrible husband my Step-Dad is. Tia tells me she got all dressed up in her sexy lingerie for him and he canceled plans again on her. Now she is all dressed up with no one to fuck, I can tell she was thinking something in her head. My Step-Mom slowly starts to run her hands over my dick through the blanket, then she pulls them back and pulls out my cock. I can not believe my Step-Mom is blowing me, she is so hot my Step-Dad is a fool if he won't fuck her I will!

Released:Apr 16, 2021
Studio: Filthy Kings Clips
Length:15 min


Creeping In On Date Night Image
Creeping In On Date Night

Night Creep | Oct 09

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