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Full Movie: Picking Up a Wet Hoe Named Trixie

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Full Movie: Picking Up a Wet Hoe Named Trixie

Picking Up a Wet Hoe Named Trixie

I was out one night with my boy Peter when he thought it would be a good idea to go pick up a girl, I thought he meant a girl he already knew but he meant a girl off the streets... A Working girl... At first, I am pissed but I think it would be funny if I filmed it, as it started to rain we finally find a girl walking around in the rain. Peter calls her over to the car and tells her to get in the car, it took some convincing and evening Peter flashing his dick to convince Trixie to jump in the car. She was soaking wet and almost jumped out when she saw the camera, we promised we would not show her face and it was just for us. Trixie takes us to some shitty hotel and after a quick bathroom break she comes out and starts to fuck Peter all while I sat and recorded it. Trixie really worked for her money tonight cause Peter pounded her pussy.

Released:May 17, 2020
Length:28 min

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